16 3 / 2014

Last weekend of snowboarding in Heavenly. There were girls in bikini tops snowboarding today. It is the end of the season I suppose.

03 3 / 2014

Harbin Hot Springs

23 2 / 2014

Heavenly snowboarding weekend

23 2 / 2014

Mt. Tam trail run

16 2 / 2014

It’s been 2 years since we played our first concert and released our first vinyl. We’ve had a great time since then and want to thank you for all your love and your support…
So here is a set with a lot of our tracks from the last 2 years….


01. Idiotproof & eats everything - African love (umami remix)
02. Sonne, Bacalao – Tagliatelle Piano (umami remix)
03. Take me home - Radioblue (umami remix)
04. umami - Not to
05. Rene Bourgeois – At Night (umami remix)
06. Niconé - Hanaetano (umami remix)
07. umami - Get up
08. umami - I come to you
09. Stereo Express & Stavroz - Popcorn Beats (umami remix)
10. umami - El mundo
11. umami - It’s Allright (unreleased)
12. Jefferson Airplane - White rabbit (umami edit)
13. Stretch - Why did you do it? (umami edit)
14. umami - Sunshine and godzilla
15. Budzillus – Der Untergang (umami remix)
16. umami - Conquer the night
17. umami - All what you get
18. umami - We don’t need words

15 2 / 2014

Durian, dissected and harvested, at the comfort of your own home. Andrew Zimmern got nothing on me.


  1. open kitchen window
  2. fetch sturdy glove and knife
  3. cut it open in the middle 
  4. use gloved hand to pry it open
  5. find every pocket and open with gloved hands
  6. scoop out the meat in a ball
  7. store it in a DOUBLE sealed container - unless you live alone (which I sometimes do)
  8. call your friends who love such shit (pun intended) and inform the fairly fresh durian is available for consumption
  9. throw a party themed on “what is the foulest thing you’ve ever eaten
  10. at party, show pictures of you eating sheaphead and hakarl in Iceland while serving durian smoothie

02 2 / 2014

Hotel Indigo tries to please budget travelers who are hipsters. Not Conrad but a bit more stylish - Hong Kong Indigo

02 2 / 2014

In Asia, there seems to be a lot of idle time. Time to eat lunch, wait for food to arrive, time to rest, time for a massage, time for watching TV, time for friends to show up for dinner, time to wander around the street. There just does not seem to have a lot of stimulation, therefore when one travels in Asia, one tends to nap a lot. Nap in the morning, nap in the afternoon, nap during lunch hour, nap just before dinner.

Mind can only go idle for that long. I don’t mind a few days of down time but once it is over a week, it becomes exhausting in its own ways. 

Back at home, nearly ever night is being planned out. Always on the go, always have activities planned. Never a moment of dull time, always try to figure out if there is another thing that I should attend, because there are so much to do and so little time. At home I lose track of what is what when is when. Between text and FB messenger and varies of other ways of communication, you are debriefed of the latest and you are expected to show up, somewhere, with someone.

It takes about a week to get reintegrated when I return from abroad. Sometimes it takes about a day. You can always tell that you are back in the game when friends send you events through Facebook, and expect you to show up at certain hour certain day.

For instance, my designer is having an open house, I’m expected to be showing up. On Saturday, my friend is throwing a winter salon, I too, need to show up for at least a while. I’m expected to see at least three friends that same week. I will send a text, and say, “what’s up? Are you free?” And all bets are off. There will not be any idle time, afternoon naps and mindless rambling, like now. 

My holiday is about to be over. In less than twenty minutes, I leave for home, via Hong Kong, then Tokyo, then, San Francisco.

01 2 / 2014

Kopi Luwak, is it worth it?

01 2 / 2014

Saw my friends from 25+ years ago. Totally the same. Everyone is happy. They work hard. The only thing is that we are no longer in our early teens. Surprised by how much this place has changed. Surprised still how much I am still like before. I think I’m lucky. No matter where I go, I still have great group of friends. Now with wechat I can stay in touch with some who are 16 hours ahead of me. No one uses email any more. Now back to eat some more food before I’m getting on a plane to return to the States.